Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CND Vinylux

CND, the makers of Shellac, have debuted out with a polish that's quite simply meant for people whoever nails have a trend to chip within several hours of that previous inserting of top cover.

Alright, they don't specifically admit, but the new Vinylux Weekly Polish Program definitely reflected its name for me. Which can be quiet miraculous because I get, like, a day or two out of your manicure.

The "system" consists of just two products: the totally normal Polish and the Daily Top Coat.

You might notice there is no base coat. That's because you don't need one. You just apply two coats of the non-staining, self-adhering Daily Polish directly onto your bare nails and then top it with the Weekly Top Coat, which is specially formulated to prevent yellowing while protecting your nail colour.

At the moment for the biggie improvement: there is UV-curing step either. The most significant Coat contains a light-sensitive polymer technology that raises its chip-resistance and sturdiness as your fingernails or toenails are exposed to in house and outdoor light. Therefore it's recharged as a seven-day toe nail polish. That even dries super-fast (the whole process takes just eight and a 1 / 2 minutes! ).

You know how there exists usually not a lot of color choice with Shellac (and people they have to be truthful aren't what you want)? Not the circumstance here. There are a monstrous 62 shades to choose from:

You can even purchase the polishes to use at home.

CND Vinylux day 4
I actually had simply a lttle little bit of wear about the ends but that's it--and it remained this means for all of those other week, to not get any worse than this. And it was totally wearable. In reality, I acquired developed to obtain a freebie manicure on day seven and I was kind of sad which i could not keep the test heading.

In addition, I provided the grey one a go by myself at home and I also obtained more days away of it when compared to a regular fingernail polish. (My application was maybe not necessarily almost perfect as the salon one, but that is to be expected. ) When you slick it on, the texture is just like regular polish--no unusual thickness--and it also comes off easily with regular nail shine remover. Simply no soaking in those horrific acetone gloves that change my toenails into skinny sheets of Japanese newspaper! The girl who would my fingernails or toe nails at Ritual mentioned that a lot of her clients will alternate this in between Shellacs, just because it's less severe on the nails.

Every I know is that I like this better than my regular toe nail polish and also Shellac, because it doubles or triples the length of my manicures but without the harshness of a gel treatment.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Succulents To Liven Up Your Manicure Area

So this post may be a bit off topic, but I thought I would write it anyway for something different.

I have been looking for some plants to have in my manicure area at home, I wanted something that was easy to look after and didnt require too much care. Then I found the solution - succulents!
The problem is, many of us these days just don’t have the time to spend hourslooking after our indoor plants each week, and this means that our plants in our manicure areas become neglected and when plants look sad - it makes us sad.


Well - succulents are here to help! There are many different types of succulents and I can help you choose one to suit your area.
Succulents are not hard to care for so they are perfect for those who don't usually have a "green thumb"
Here are some tips for those interested in succulents.

1. Read!

When it comes to how to care for succulents, it is important to know what they need. While they are quite easy to look after, they can also be easy to kill if you do not read the instructions first.

2. Do Not Over Water

Succulents do not like to drink too much! So follow the above mentioned guide along with the manual that usually come with any succulent bought from the place where you bought them. Over-wateringyour succulent will cause it to rot and die.

3. Plant them in a good location

Direct sunlight is great for some succulents, while others do require some shade. Because it is likely your succulent will be indoors, it is important it is placed somewhere that allows it to receive enough (but not too much)natural light.
If you follow these three simple steps along with those in the guide linked, your manicure area will soo be looking much more natural.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gel Nails - A Pain to Remove?

We all love gel nails, the shiny look it gives is great and the durability is second to none. However when ti comes to taking them off - people always ask me how to remove gel nails.
removing gel nails
Why are they so difficult to remove in comparison to standard nail polish? Because gel nails are much more durable! This is the trade off isn't it - we want them to be durable, but we want them to come off easily!

Unfortunately there is no magic way to remove gel nails, you just need to follow the correct procedure.

Many people, even many salons in fact will use incorrect methods for removing gel nails. Mostly because it is simply quicker.

Basic Steps To Remove Gel Nails

The correct procedure is not all that hard after all. It basically involves these steps:

  1. File your nails to carefully take off the top clear coat
  2. Warm up your acetone
  3. Soak some cotton buds in the acetone and use some gel polish caps to hold them against your nails
  4. Scrape your polish off with an orange stick
  5. Tidy Up your nails

If you do find that some polish is still stuck, you should re-soak them with the acetone. That is the only safe way to remove gel polish without damaging your natural nails.

Of course it is tempting just to pick or file our gel polish off, but trust me - you will regret it. Your nails become as thin as paper and break or bend very easily. I'm speaking from personal experience!

So next time you go to the salon, or have someone remove your nail polish for you - make sure they do it the correct way. It will save you much pain in the end and you will be glad you heeded my advice.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Manicure- Your Fingernails Best Friend

A manicure is one of the best cosmetic and beauty treatments for both your hands and fingernails. Nowadays, manicures have become a daily necessity for many women in these days. The manicure is a most significant part of beatifying a women, which usually involves shaping and filing of the nails followed by an application of nail polish.

In this modern world, this beauty treatment is also quite common for men too and occasionally such as any part of events or meetings. 

A manicure can be done either at home or at a salon professionally. Even though most people can choose to have it done at a salon for the whole relaxing experience.

The major reason to take manicure at a salon is usually offering several different options for the person to choose from. These options could be ranged from many different nail polishes to the customized look. Among those, one of the professional options for manicure treatment is a French manicure, which becomes more popular among people in recent days.

In this American manicure, one can make cute stylish designs on nails such as gel nails and diamond nails and so on. They are always beautiful as well as classy that brings unique look among others. The great thing about American manicure is no color based provided in it.

Top manicure tips for healthy nails

There are many benefits of getting a manicure. Primarily, people can get a manicure for two common reasons such as clean nails and beautiful nails as well. It also provides many benefits for people and makes them to be aware of. Actually, it is a wonderful beauty treatment for the hands that apply directly to the nails, so the full hand can gain benefits. Moreover, the main purpose of manicure is to maintain the overall health of the hand. However, this treatment includes some fundamental steps that results to clean and healthy hands. 

Below are some of the top manicure tips to maintain healthy nails that include:
  •   First of all, everyone should get to know about their nails because it tells about a lot on body’s internal health.
  •  The healthy nails can protect the sensitive skin of the toes as well as fingertips that are made up of protein layers known as keratin.
  • There are different types of manicure available, so you can choose the best type of manicure depend on your needs.
  • With a regular manicure, a high level of protein can helps to keep your nails grows healthier as well as stronger.
  • A manicure is keeps healthy nails and making you look the best.

Importance of a manicure

The manicure is not only for women, but also the men can have this regular beauty treatment if they choose to. Manicures are one of the awesome ways to make your guys getting good looking hands and nails too. It does not matter about whether you have short or long manicured nails, but it should keep them well-groomed as well as clean.

Manicure Guide

Here is a great guide on YouTube about doing salon quality manicures at home.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I Just Found The Ultimate LED Lamp

Ok, so I have been using a crappy old no name LED lamp for a while now since my good OPI one broke about 2 years ago.

I knew that I should invest in a new one, but just hadn't gotten around to doing the research to work out which LED lamp I needed. Well....then I found this list at DIY Gel Nail Kits from a post on the /r/soakoff sub on Reddit.

I read through the detailed reviews on the site and found the MelodySusie Violeta Pro60W LED Nail lamp to look pretty good.

This lamp doesnt just have LED lights, it has some sort of fancy globes that also invlude UV light - just like from your old school gel nail lamps! So it cures LED gel polishes, as well as UV gel polishes like Shellac.

It also feels like a brick - which is a good thing! By that, i mean that it is strong and well built. I seriously don't think it would be possible to break this led nail lamp if I tried!

I also like the fact that it doesnt have a bottom, because I have quite large hands (and feet), so it gives that extra space needed.

It does cost about $135 from Amazon, but I think its worth it as I have been putting up with a crappy lamp for so long now.

I havent used it a lot yet, but I will update you on what I think very soon. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gel Nails Tips and Tricks

We've all observed the lovable minimal dark bottles and super-charming convenient LED and UV lights. We've all known about excellent sparkle and dependable toughness of Soak-Off Gel Polish. Also, more as of late, with the ascent of DIY at home gel nail items, now everybody can attempt it! Numerous brands have soak-off gel nail units accessible at excellence retailers around the world, making this once-expensive and salon selective more available.

Yet, before you put on that night wear, pour that encouraging glass of whatever you lean toward, and pop in that romantic comedy, ensure you're knowledgeable, educated, and very much arranged for that extraordinary mani you're going to give yourself (truly, I adore polish, yet gel has changed my nail-driven life).

Teach yourself on what you ought to – and shouldn't do – with regards to handing down those tips with Soak-Off Gel Polish!


1. Do Research! 

With for all intents and purposes all knowledge at our flawlessly polished fingertips, don't falter to inquire about, through the Web! Continuously utilize dependable, official assets for instructional exercises, tips, and traps. Watch a couple of recordings on fundamental gel application – numerous brands have effortlessly open video instructional exercises. Look at your most loved nail blog for tips that they've aggregated with their encounters. Begin assembling your own rundown of notes. This is a standout amongst the most critical parts of ensuring your gel nail treatment endures!

2. Do proper nail prep! 

Gel polish needs a spotless, dry surface to stick to so as to last. Begin by tenderly pushing back your fingernail skin. File your nail to the coveted shape (get those little holders from the edges and underneath the nail! These will leave unpleasant, uneven edges and cause attachment issues). Gently buff the surface and edges of your nail with an additional fine support (sufficiently only to evacuate the sparkle), then shower with cleansing liquor and wipe dry with a build up free wipe to expel flotsam and jetsam. Utilize a primer or pH adjusting fluid (gave for all intents and purposes each essential gel polish unit) preceding application.

Additional tip: utilize immaculate CH3)2CO (accessible at any excellence supply store) preceding the primer stride to get dried out the nail plate and guarantee there is NO dampness exhibit before starting.

3. Set up your provisions before you start! 

Ensure you have all that you require inside reach before beginning – once you start application, you would prefer not to need to touch anything pointlessly – this could abandon you open to build up and flotsam and jetsam sticking to your unfinished nail treatment. While doing a gel nail trim, dependably make a point to have the current accompanying:

Gel lamp (officially connected to!)

All gel polishes you mean on utilizing – including primer, base, and top coat


Cleansing liquor

Build up free wipes

Paper towels (in the event of some unforeseen issue!)

Tidy up brush

4. Do utilize an exhaust method! 

This "do" is imperative to keeping up the strength of your nails. While CH3)2CO can dry out the nail plate, legitimately soaking off gel polish will keep the peeling of your nails. Utilize a file to break the surface of the gel polish. Soak build up free wipes with unadulterated CH3)2CO, wrap with thwart, and let sit for roughly 10-15 minutes (don't look!). Utilize an orange stick to tenderly lift any outstanding gel from the nail. If not all the gel has lifted, re-apply the CH3)2CO soaked wipes and thwart for a couple of more minutes.

gel nails at home dos and donts 2


1. Try not to apply thick layers! 

This is an absolute necessity when applying gel polish! Pretty much as with customary polish, thin layers make for smoother application. Furthermore, on account of gel polish, gel establishment, and gel top coat, if the layers you are applying are too thick, this can adversely influence how the polish cures and follows. In the event that you think you may have connected an excessive amount of item, you can utilize the 'dry-brush' method – wipe all abundance item off the brush, and drag it back over the effectively polished nail – this will evacuate any overabundance item. Subsequent to curing, rehash 1-2 more times for an aggregate of 2-3 layers.

2. Try not to wash your hands! 

I know, sounds net. You CAN wash your hands, however just not before item application! It is best to have a super-dry nail plate to work with – subsequently all the getting dried out techniques taken preceding polishing. In the event that you should, wash directly after polish evacuation, dry Completely, and continue with preparing!

3. Try not to give the gel a chance to touch the skin! 

This can take a little practice and the best possible instruments, however as with large portions of the above don'ts, is such an indispensable part of an enduring gel nail trim. Gel polish detests skin, and if any keep running over is left to cure, it will begin to lift once the nail trim is finished. Moreover, if any of this errant polish is left to cure, it will make for barbed and un-even sides, which tend to catch… and, you got it, lift. Before curing every layer, utilize an angled brush that has been plunged in CH3)2CO (touch onto a paper towel to evacuate additional) to clean along the fingernail skin and sides of the nail.

4. Try not to pick! 

The main nail sin. As totally enticing as it can be, this is THE most conceivably harming move you can make – and one reason gel polish has earned a notoriety for harming the nail plate. With the high attachment that this item offers, peeling the polish lifts valuable layers of nails alongside the gel – and leaves thin, uneven, and chipping nails. So whatever you do, oppose, set aside your opportunity to soak, and DON'T pick.

Furnished with these tips and your gel polish pack, keep your wallet lined and have a fantastic DIY gel nail trim readily available!